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Hi guys and gals,
I'm posting this on behalf of my grandad.
Long story short, my grandad lives in sheltered accomodation. He is 94, and virtually blind. My nan lives in a care home with alzehimers, which is paid for by him. He owns the flat outright, but has to pay service charge each month, this includes; meals, cleaning his flat and laundry, as well as gas and electric. It comes to about £650 a month.
Obviously for the last 100 days, they haven't been given their hot food because the kitchen has been closed, they haven't been in to clean his flat, nor have they done his laundry. The company took their usual direct debit out, but then a few days later, they took an additional £400 odd. My dad queried it, and the company said that my grandad is in arrears. When he went to the flat, my grandad had received a letter, stating that he is over £4,000 (thousand) in arrears. How? He pays a direct debit each month and never missed a payment. The company are saying it's a miscalculation and something about not paying VAT on the cleaning.
My question is this.
Where do we stand on not paying the VAT which should have been included. If they haven't paid their bill, then surely that isn't anything to do with the residents? Also, are we allowed to chase them for a refund on the 100 days of nothing (which wasn't their fault, but not the residents either).
Basically, what can we do? Is it wise for us to get legal advice?
My grandad isn't aware because my dad is in control of his accounts etc, and as my grandad can't really see anymore, hasn't read the letters. But it would be exceptionally stressful for him if he did find out. It seems that the company are trying it as their old and probably none the wiser.....but that could be the cynic in me.
Thanks in advance.


  • I don't think its anything to do with them not paying their VAT bill but them not passing on the charge to their tennants. I doubt you could chase them for a refund for the 100 days as it wasn't there fault although you could ask?
    Doubtful its worth paying legal cost either as it can probably be sorted out without a solicitor.
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