Scam Calls pretending to be about Government Insulation Offer 2020

Hi all. This is a warning that there seems to be a scam call going on at the moment about The Government Insulation Scheme. No doubt hoping to scam the elderly. Didn't get far with me (I have an abrupt voice with obvious scammers). So scared them off. However, they called my landline and said they were called Matthew and were phoning about the Government Insulation Scheme. When using 1471, the number came up as 01215995470. When putting this in to the search engine, seems many others have had this scam call. Hope nobody is taken in by them. I don't know how this scam works as luckily didn't get that far with ne. I've reported it to Action Fraud. Stay safe all. 


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    I have reported the scam to the reseller of the number and they could take action unless, of course, the number was spoofed.
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    I got a call on 25th October 2021 - from "Chris" saying if I had "fibreglass loft insulation" redone in the last 10 years, apparently the government were offering a grant to those wishing to get it done.  I quizzed him, asking for more information - as soon as i did the phone clicked off.  It seemed strange (as there were also a series of clicks during the phone call - the number came from Bournemouth - 01202159731) and  I will be reporting this to actionfraud and Trading Standards.  Please be careful.
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    Ah, it was Chris who rang me, too. Wasted his time. 
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    Words, words, they're all we have to go by!.

    (Pity they are mangled by this autocorrect!)
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    Had the "we are your internet company" call the other day.    Security issues blah blah.....

    After pressing buttons several times to get to speak to somneone I finally got a real person.  Woman answered and went on a long waffle
    where I tried interrupting but she did not pause until her speech was done.

    After her speech I asked if thats why naughty video files kept appearing on my computer and she swore at me and hung up.  Think I
    have found something that annoyed her, I doubt she will call me again.

    Are these loft insulation calls after details or just checking live numbers where the person may take the bait? Anyone spoken to them
    more than a brief call?

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