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Latest Government giveaway

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  • Baron_DaleBaron_Dale Forumite
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    Why so bitter duncanthedog? In several years time you will receive the state pension which over the years will pay out more than you paid in! (assuming normal life expectancy). Index linked of course. You have had a lifetime of entitlement to free health care and the benefit system would have been there if you really needed it.
    I am nearly 62 and grateful for all of the above and a free university education.
    Being prudent is fine but, if you deprived yourself to excess and now feel you have missed out that is down more to your personal choice than any government policy.
    You did well to retire at 55, again another personal choice. Many others are not so fortunate! And, before you say they should have planned more carefully, life can throw spanners in the works for many people.
    Get over it!
  • badmemorybadmemory Forumite
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    I am just grateful that as I am retired I do not need to mix with all the idiots who bump into you & won't stay out of your "zone".  That is a big enough perk for me.  As I enjoy my own homecooked food more than most restaurant food this bribery is not going to work.
  • Baron_DaleBaron_Dale Forumite
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    badmemory you sound a warm loving person!  I miss all the hugging touching and normal social contact! Your 'zone' indeed!!
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