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Payment holiday

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I am in dire straits at the moment, I work for the NHS but I also do agency work on a self employed basis to make ends meet, I have worked in my normal job in radiology as a support worker throughout the pandemic but had no agency work, I have an IVA from a previous relationship breakdown and never missed a payment but I am struggling now, I have barely enough to live on at the moment although my agency work is starting up again, could I get a payment holiday from my iva until I get back on my feet, maybe a month or 2.?


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    Your IP has discretion to reduce payments by up to 15%, not sure if that will be helpful to you or not.
    Any further reductions would require a creditors meeting to approve.

    Remember, any payments that are not made will be added onto the end of the arrangement.
    Don’t struggle, if it’s not affordable tell them so.
    Suggest you speak to your IP ASAP.
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