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Unadopted road flooding

During heavy rain, an unadopted road drain which is blocked,  floods my friends house causing damage. The responsible tenants of the road refuse to do anything, and the council have got nowhere. Yorkshire water And Severn Trent have been and looked but say it’s nothing to do with them. This has been going on for years, but has got worse recently. Does she have Any recourse. What action should She take?


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    Dealing with a similar situation and been pestering the council for years. I believe that the Council have powers under the Flood and Water Management Act of 2010 to force the landowner to deal with this problem. Does she have legal coverage on her home or buildings insurance? This can be used to pay a solicitor to pressure the landowner . Would recommend she contact Citizens Advice too. They were helpful in point to all of the above help.
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