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Large family car recommendations

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    HerzlosHerzlos Forumite
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    Shoxt3r said:
    I'm looking to get a larger family car as our current 2013 Ford Focus is getting on a bit but also is a bit too small for our needs - i....Part Exchange on the Focus (have been told that trade exchange is £4,350 but am going to try for at least £4,500 as it's in near-perfect condition with only 44,000 on the clock. The Focus has also just had a fresh MOT which it passed without any faults or even advisories, as well as a minor service.
    You'd be better off trying to sell it privately. A 7-year old trade in will almost certainly just go to auction at any larger dealership so you're going to offered a low figure for it. Without the trade in you can theoretically negotiate a better deal on the other car too (or at least, avoid having a bad deal hidden by the trade in).

    A low mileage Focus with a fresh MOT should sell pretty quickly.
  • Clive_WoodyClive_Woody Forumite
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    The answer to this question is almost always a Skoda Octavia estate.
    Unless you need something truly enormous, in which case the answer is a Skoda Superb estate.
    Completely agree, my last two cars were Skoda Octavia estates and my next car will probably be an Octavia hatch (the kids are growing up and no longer need room for a pushchair, travel cot, etc....although my teenage daughter does not travel light).

    They are great cars, reliable, cheap to service and come loaded with a decent selection of bells and whistles. They are enormous inside, but still fits in my garage.
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  • mgfvvcmgfvvc Forumite
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    I love the C-Max really spacious and the titanium comes with the extras you are looking for. I picked up a 4 year old one for £9k so well in your budget
    Having traded an Octavia estate for a Grand C-Max, the boot seems small after the Octavia. I can't fault the reliability. The Skoda was fairly reliable, but the Ford is very reliable.
  • AlwaysPonderingAlwaysPondering Forumite
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    onlyfoolsandparking said:
    Citroen C4 grand picasso worth a look, loads of room and lots of useable extras. Quite sensible on price too
    Just part-ex'd a 2012 Focus against one of these. You could hold a social distanced party in the back with all the seats down. 
  • KorkybKorkyb Forumite
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    Another vote for a Mondeo.

    I just sold my 2015 2.0d Titanium before lockdown for £8k (62k on clock) A rock solid, comfy, economical car with a huge boot.

    £20 road tax & between 50 & 60 mpg.
  • MinuteNoodlesMinuteNoodles Forumite
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    Korkyb said:
    Another vote for a Mondeo.

    I just sold my 2015 2.0d Titanium before lockdown for £8k (62k on clock) A rock solid, comfy, economical car with a huge boot.

    Last year I downgraded from a Mondeo to a Focus. The one thing I miss is the size of the boot, it seems to be barely a third of the size.

  • L9XSSL9XSS Forumite
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    Skoda Superb estate or Volvo V70 D5/(5 cylinder Diesel engine) . One of the biggest boots. 
    The Volvo and Skoda are extremely reliable! And both fuel efficient.
  • chelseabluechelseablue Forumite
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    What about a Hyundai Tucson? We've had 2 Hyundai's and cant fault them for reliability 
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