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Large family car recommendations

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Large family car recommendations

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Shoxt3rShoxt3r Forumite
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Hi all,

I'm looking to get a larger family car as our current 2013 Ford Focus is getting on a bit but also is a bit too small for our needs - it was bought over a year before our (now) 10-month old baby was even planned! Therefore the Focus' boot space isn't sufficient for our Joie DLX pushchair and Britax car seat. The latter has meant the front passenger seat has had to go forward so much so that bascially noone in the house can fit in the front seat anymore haha

I've had a look into Mondeos, Insignias, Octavias and Seat Leons - both hatchback and estate but I'm still undecided what to go for. My budget is £12,000 which is made up of both a loan and Part Exchange on the Focus (have been told that trade exchange is £4,350 but am going to try for at least £4,500 as it's in near-perfect condition with only 44,000 on the clock. The Focus has also just had a fresh MOT which it passed without any faults or even advisories, as well as a minor service.

Ideally I'm looking for a car that will last us 5-6 years at least until we decide to upgrade again - e.g. plenty of room for a pushchair and potentially of camping gear and/or holiday bags.
So far I haven't had much luck tracking down many of the examples I listed above without resorting to higher mileage examples (60,000+) or going somewhere further afield to look at them (1 hour+ drive).

The bottom line is I'm looking for something:
- Not too old
- Plenty of space for baby things (car seat, pushchair etc.)
- Under £12,000
- Under 50,000 mileage
- Climate control would be a big plus but not essential, as would cruise control

Thanks in advance!


  • daveyjpdaveyjp Forumite
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    Mazda 6 should be on your list.  Avoid the diesels and you should have a decent car which will be more than capable.

  • onlyfoolsandparkingonlyfoolsandparking Forumite
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    Citroen C4 grand picasso worth a look, loads of room and lots of useable extras. Quite sensible on price too
  • Zero_GravitasZero_Gravitas Forumite
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    The answer to this question is almost always a Skoda Octavia estate.
    Unless you need something truly enormous, in which case the answer is a Skoda Superb estate.
  • CatplanCatplan Forumite
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    I was in a similar position 10 years ago replacing the Escort; got a 3 year old Astra estate at the time 30k miles for 5k, it’s still on my drive, cheap to run. Plenty space for buggies shopping etc. whilst not as common check out estate version of focus / golf etc.
  • Grumpy_chapGrumpy_chap Forumite
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    I would definitely go for a Mondeo.  Just looked on auto trader and your budget would get a 2015-2016 Titanium (high spec) 20-30k miles, choice of petrol or diesel, manual or auto.  The boot is cavernous on a Mondeo.  I have had 4 Mondeos but currently on a Focus (which is a lot smaller) and next car will be a Mondeo again (unless something electric usurps it).  Manual petrol Fords just go on for ever.
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  • macmanmacman Forumite
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    Leon is no bigger than the Focus, unless you get an estate vs a hatchback.
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  • annabanana82annabanana82 Forumite
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    I love the C-Max really spacious and the titanium comes with the extras you are looking for. I picked up a 4 year old one for £9k so well in your budget
  • mobileronmobileron Forumite
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    Skoda superb meets all your requirements and has great reliability,get the estate and u can sleep in it.
    Check honest john for reviews,
  • ididntgetwhereiamtodayididntgetwhereiamtoday Forumite
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    Take a look at the Nissan NV200, based on a van with 7 seats so future proof and will have all the space you will ever need. Low mileage examples are within your budget.
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  • The_RainmakerThe_Rainmaker Forumite
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    I bought the Skoda Superb Estate (after advice on here), better looking than an Octavia and with the back seats down I fitted the front end of a Skoda Fabia in the boot last weak without even breaking a sweat.  Take it easy and 50mpg+ (diesel).
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