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Credit Card Strategy - Hi CL, Lo to 0 usage over 5 cards

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Credit Card Strategy - Hi CL, Lo to 0 usage over 5 cards

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I have a £25K CL over 5 cards. I'm about to pay off the £4K 0% usage.
Is it best to merge credit limits onto one card if I have 2 with one bank and get shot of all the others I'm not using with other providers?
Or just sit tight on the £25K CL and wait for 0% transfer deals to come back?


  • SprengelerSprengeler Forumite
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    No thoughts, guys? Thanks
  • Nebulous2Nebulous2 Forumite
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    It's a good idea to have more than one card in case one is declined or the systems are down. Some people recommend having at least one visa and one mastercard so you have on different networks. 
    £25k isn't a massive credit limit, depending on your income. 

    Keeping cards open may require occasional usage to prevent the limits being lowered or card being closed. 

    You could close 2 and keep 3, depending whether you have a purpose for them.
  • RaCen22underRaCen22under Forumite
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    May i have one of them or can you transfer some money to mine 
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