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RED27 Mobile Subscritption Scam

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Hi all I"m new to this so forgive me if I'm not in the right place! 
It has very recently come to my attention that for the last 18 months i have been being charged for a subscription to something called ' chillax games'... 18 months I know i could kick myself for not noticing sooner. Anyhow this is a service i have not signed for and certainly not consented to them taking my money in total they have had £177 from me... reading other peoples advice i have been in contact with them to ask for a full refund and so far they have offered me a mere one months worth back, emailed again they have upped it to £20 ... I"m not willing to let the matter lie, I have no idea what chillax games is i cant even find the game in my phone... When i rang the number provided to me by my network i called it to cancel the subscritption and the operator informed me she could see that numerous of their reminder text messages had failed to send to me. I don"t recall any messages from them.
Has anyone had the same problem with this company and were you successful with getting a full refund? 
Any advice will be gratefully received. 


  • ballyblackballyblack Forumite
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    Tell your provider to put a bar on all Prime texts and calls
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    I have had goods from virgin that I did not order. I have been in touch to tell them but they are dragging their heels doing anything about it. The name and address are correct but none of the bank details correlate to mine. I have had a direct debit mandate from them, again, name and address are correct but bank details not mine. Today I received a letter telling me I am £31 in arrears. I have never dealt with virgin and I cant understand where they got my name and address. Incidentally my bank account was hacked but that has been sorted by my bank. I dont know what to do next. I am a 66yr old lady and have no need of an iphone 11 or an apple watch!!!
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