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Dog law. Help with getting dog back from ex.

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Dog law. Help with getting dog back from ex.

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toriwebb13toriwebb13 Forumite
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Hello, I'm having a dispute with my ex about my dog. 
Last year in may I bought a dog for my daughter's birthday, when we went to look at the dogs I chose one and my ex chose one. We ended up buying 2, one that was classed as his and one for my daughter's birthday. When we registered them at the vets we put them both in his name for ease and i payed him for the fees each month by reducing the rent he payed me. We've just broke up and he's claiming the dog is his. He's kicked me out the house and I am now homeless and he's kept the dog. He's since rang the vet and told them the dog is his and not to liaise with me, he's changed both dogs microchips into his name and won't give me my dog back.  
I need help with my rights and what I can do to get the dog back. 
He's been abusive in the past and really hurt the dogs by kicking them and punching them, my brother has seen him do it and his parents have too. He works 12/13 hours 5/6 days a week and has them locked in a kennel or the house. 
I've been trying to talk to him about getting the dog back but he won't budge so I'm thinking about taking him to court. 
Also I'm trying to get back over 2000 pounds what I put into the house. He's been blackmailing me and trying to get away with giving me nothing. We finally agreed on 1300. After he tried blackmailing me into giving him all my important things like washer and dryer ect. I was thinking about claiming the money through a small claims court?
Do you think it would be worth it?
I'm going to pay and get a lawyer's advice within the next few weeks .

Thanks for reading!


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    unforeseenunforeseen Forumite
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    Dogs are property. Do you have a receipt in your name for the one you bought?
    Who's details are on its microchip? 
  • Hl95xHl95x Forumite
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    Do you have vet insurance? Or is the dog microchipped, with these documents it would show some sort of proof of ownership 
  • onwards&upwardsonwards&upwards Forumite
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    How did he manage to change the microchip?  That usually needs permission from the previous owner. 
  • sarahandmesarahandme Forumite
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    If you allowed him to register them in his name at the vets at the time, thats probably how he was sllowed to change the microchip to his name.
    Hate to say it but theres not much you can do because a court won't go against a vets. 
    The worst you could do is report hin for abusing the dogs. And try to claim them that way. 
  • gwynlasgwynlas Forumite
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    If you know he's abused the dogs you should contact the RSPCA. As for your money and goods do you have a set of keys so you can collect them whilst he is at work?
  • Soot2006Soot2006 Forumite
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    This is a very sad situation and you have my sympathy. It sounds as though he is using the dog to maintain some control over you.

    As difficult as it is for you, for the dogs, for your daughter, I honestly think you need to walk away from this man and from everything that gives him control over you.  By all means let the RSPCA know about the abuse if it can be evidenced and perhaps keep an eye from a distance in case the opportunity to collect your dog arises.

    In your OP, you say HE paid YOU rent. You also talk about money you "PUT INTO" the house. Can you clarify the situation, please? Is the property rented? In whose name? Who owns it?  Perhaps head over the House Buying, Selling, and Renting forum for some advice if that side of things is sticky as you don't want to end up owing any money to a landlord, for example.

    If a clean "walk away" is possible, then please do that for your long-term sanity. You and your daughter will recover emotionally, and you can rehome another dog. There are many looking for homes even right now ...  You might even find that once your ex realises you don't WANT the dog, he might not care if you have it or not ... and if not, at least it is with its sibling ... and the RSPCA might get them out of that situation. But please trust me when I say it's not worth exposing your daughter to this person if he's as unpleasant as you describe.
  • boxer234boxer234 Forumite
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    You can contact Trevor Cooper a dog law specialist but a cost is attached for advice. 
  • sherambersheramber Forumite
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    Another newbie who asks a question then disappears
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