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Company putting redundancy policy aside..

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Company putting redundancy policy aside..

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scopescope Forumite
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My wife has worked for a company for a number of years, and as so many others now face redundancy following a spell of furlough..
Her contract has no mention of any redundancy terms, only that her notice period is 3 months. 
They do however have a redundancy policy published on the intranet along with a calculator of how much you will get.. 1 month pay per year worked..
So far so good..

Now they are talking about NOT using the published redundancy policy due to the number of people they are making redundant and rather just give them the statutory pay, 1 week per year..
Can they do this?  Or do they need to honour the terms of their policy? 


  • sharpe106sharpe106 Forumite
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    It depends what the policy is, if it something we would like to do or something that your contract says basically. So if the policy is actually part of the contract they must follow it. If it something they have done in better times being generous as they could afford to but now no longer can't they don't have to follow it. 
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