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More Than Pet Insurance Increase 80% to over 100% each year. More Than Say this is correct?

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More Than Pet Insurance Increase 80% to over 100% each year. More Than Say this is correct?

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AmyEBAmyEB Forumite
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I have opened a complaint with my pet insurer, More Than, as my annual premium for pet insurance continues to increase on average by 80% each year. They looked into the complaint and advised this is in line with their 'rating structure' and it is unfortunate that due to the claims I have processed (my dog has had a few operations due to patella luxation disease in her hind knees), my insurance will continue to increase at this rate. I was advised this is consistent with others who have pet insurance with More Than.
I really find it hard to believe that it is justifiable to increase my pet insurance from £131.02pa in year 1 to £712.68pa in year 5 (this includes as reduce in cover as in year 3 my premium increased by 174%!!!!). My main concern is at this level, I wont be able to afford the ongoing increase in my premium each year (at this rate, next year my premium will be £1200+), and I cannot go to another insurer as they will not cover my dogs pre-existing conditions.
They have advised this is how far they will look into it and if I am unhappy I can contact the ombudsman. 
I wanted to know if other people have been affected the same way as I have and whether I should take it to the ombudsman?


  • sherambersheramber Forumite
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    The ombudsman does to get  involved in marketing decisions which is what the premium amount is. They would only investigate if your premium was  higher than someone else with exactly the same circumstances.
    Insurance is a business and their job is to make a profit for the shareholders.  It is not an NHS  for pets. 
     Most companies increase premiums if you make a claim.
    Petplan is one company which does not do so , but their premiums are higher in the first place. 
     All increase their premiums due to increases in running costs and inflation and age of pet.

    Either you consider that you will need claim  more than your premium and excess, so insurance will benefit you.
     Or, you will not claim more than your payment so  is it worth it?
    You can consider self insuring  by putting money into a separate account to use for vet bills.
    You could consider moving to a cheaper policy with a lower  maximum to cover for anything  else and putting money away to cover any excluded costs.

  • AmyEBAmyEB Forumite
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    Thanks for the advice sheramber. I do think I will have to re-insure else where, and save money as you said, in-case she needs treatment in the future for any pre-existing conditions. I understand it is not an NHS for pets, hence the high vet bills, but in all other cases of insurance, I have never come across an increase like this and find it hard to believe they think it is justifiable. I am looking at going to the ombudsman for clarity, and if they deem it as appropriate, I shall not re-insure with More Than and look elsewhere.
    My only worry is what insurers class as pre-existing. For example, my dog has arthritis due to operations on her knees which is managed by medicine. I do not claim for this medicine as it wasn't worth the hassle and the worry of my premium increasing more. However, if she has to have any expensive arthritis treatment in the future or when she is much older, could they link this to her pre-existing condition and not cover. I feel as if insuring my dog is not worth it at all!
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    elsienelsien Forumite
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    If she already has arthritis then this would be excluded from any new policy and any related conditions in future would not be covered but it would depend on the specific wording of the exclusion.
    As an example, my last girl had exclusions for all hip related conditions due to hip dysplasia (including arthritis) but in practice her gait meant that she developed arthritis in her front legs which was covered. So in practice her rear end was covered as well because pain killer don't differentiate between front and back legs! 
    But you must assume that anything that can be linked to any treatment she has had up until now will not be covered under any new policy. It doesn't matter if you've not made a claim previously, they will ask your vet for the  medical history at the point you do make a claim.  So arthritis in the future won't be covered even if you're not claiming for it at the moment. 
    You need to consider how old your girl is, as premiums and excesses start to rocket when they get to 8 under some underwriters, and how much you are claiming at the moment.
    If you are paying out £700 and getting that back in treatment, then it's worth it. If you can't afford any huge bills and a patella goes again, it's worth it. Outside of that, it's like any insurance - you may never need it, but what if you do? The line changes along with your dog's age and health, and your financial circumstances. 
    All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.

    Pedant alert - it's could have, not could of.
  • sherambersheramber Forumite
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    The potential for further claims  arising from previous claims will be considered when arriving at th premium due.
    Age also  increases the   premium as elderly animals are more likely to develop conditions resulting in  more claims.
  • Clemmie12AClemmie12A Forumite
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    If you cannot afford the premiums I'm wondering if its worth cutting your losses , cancelling the insurance and put the premiums in an account for any further issues.  I am thinking of cancelling my insurance because despite having a young dog and not making any claims my premium has gone up from £68 to £92 and if it increases at this rate it'll be ridiculous in a few years. Having said that I can afford to pay for any care / surgeries he may need and will ringfence a chunk of money for this purpose,
  • sherambersheramber Forumite
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    What I did when my dog got older was change to a limited, cheaper policy for some cover but also put money aside for future claims.
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