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Furlough and redundancy confusion! PLEASE HELP!!!

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Help and advice needed regarding furlough and redundancy , I will outline as best I can my current situation that is making my head spin.
I have been with my current employer for over 2 years now working as a gas engineer , at the beginning of march I received a pay increase and signed the new contract agreeing , but also my notice period increased from 1 month to 2 months for both parties. At the end of March I was put furlough and currently still am on furlough.
my employer has now started redundancy consultations , also during this month I have realized that I actually want to leave and maybe do bits of work for a family member down the line.
I have told my employer that I want to go and asked what am I entitled to if I resign or ask for voluntary redundancy , to which my employer said why don't you just stay on furlough leave and that I wont be required to come in at all. my sticking point is that because my kids are off school I need to be at home for when august starts and my partner will be going back to work, so I have offered to work July as my notice period instead of 2 months, although my contract states 2 months , I am currently on furlough and they do not require me to work so where do I stand? I have said to my employer that I would like to take voluntary redundancy and work July as my notice.  The next thing I get is two emails from work 1. is to tell me that my furlough has been extended to October , and 2. the other for a final consultation for the normal Redundancy process.
This is just confusing me and my employer is not being very open about where I stand and I just feel like they are trying to pay my notice period with furlough money so to speak and then when I am ready to finally leave we just part company. I was under the impression that when I resign or take redundancy my furlough stops and my notice period starts? advice very welcome.


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