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Questions about getting a new window

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I’m thinking about getting a window replaced and with everything going on at the moment I wanted to ask a few questions before I started to engage with companies. 

The window is in a dormer in an attic room of a terrace house (second floor), I want a uPVC white casement window, the current window including frame is 2370 x 1150 mm. This is the style I want for the new window: 


I have a couple of questions: 

With COVID at the moment, this is a job that would be classed as non-essential work so when do you think people will be back to doing this kind of work? 

Do window fitters work in the winter? 

Can they fit the window from the inside or will they have to throw up scaffolding and if they do how much extra does that cost? 

Altogether I’m thinking this will be around the £1k mark, am I underestimating? (I’m in West Yorkshire if that makes a difference) 


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