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What can I use to protect driveway

I’m digging out a load of soil and rubble ready for a grab lorry to take it away, what can I use to protect our black paved driveway?  I haven’t any 8x4’ ply boards and refuse to pay £20 each (will need 4 or 5 of them) 

what other options do I have please? 


  • TELLIT01TELLIT01 Forumite
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    Tarpaulines.  Screwfix have 3m x 2m from under 4 quid each.  Even laying two on top of each other will be much cheaper than ply.
  • greyteam1959greyteam1959 Forumite
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    Get some empty 1 tonne bags & chuck your rubble & soil into them first.
    The grab lorry can then just pick them up without touching your driveway.
    Make sure the grab lorry has proper pads to lower the stabilising feet onto or else you could have damage from them.

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