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How much should a new roof cost (based in Scotland)

Hi all,
So I need a new roof. My roof at the moment is slate however is leaking in multiple areas. I have a small one bedroom house but roof wise is prob of similar size to a 3 bed home. It has what I would call a normal roof in that there are 2 sides which meet at the top as in upside down V (I think called a hip joint roof). My question is how much would this cost to replace. I have had one quote at the moment which was £10K to replace with slate tiling. He then said he could do it with flat Marley roof tiles and that this would cost £6300. Does anyone have any thoughts. I was thinking between £5-£6K for a new roof so thought the Marley roof tiles would be okay but am I being silly?
*Just wanted to point out I do have other tradesman coming out to do more quotes just wanted to see if I am looking at the right ball park figure*


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