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Best phone for me?

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edited 28 June 2020 at 1:42PM in Mobiles
I'm ideally looking for an iPhone however I won't rule out other smartphones. 

I'm looking for something durable that I can use for many years to come. Also with a battery life that'll stay healthy for many years too. Ideally I'd like to be using the phone for 4+ years. As I say, I'm leaning towards an iPhone but planned obsolescence worries me a tiny bit (if it's true).

My main requirement is for the phone to be easy to use. A good user experience is really important to me. I was using an iPhone 5S for many years and it was a nice and easy to use which was nice. I could type and use my phone with my eyes half closed while lying in bed half asleep. 

I then used a Samsung Galaxy S6 for a bit and hated it as it was the opposite of the iPhone 5S. It was really frustrating to use. I also didn't like the size/how the Samsung Galaxy S6 felt to hold while I liked the size and holding the iPhone 5S.

I don't really have a budget - I'll pay what I need to for something that meets my requirements however I do like value for money. I don't need all the fancy bells and whistles. As long as it's a newer phone than the likes of the iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S6 then I am happy. 

Right now I'm on a SIM only contract that I've completed. I don't get a phone at the end of the contract - I just continue to pay my very low contract deal.

Which phone would you recommend?


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