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Relevance of current income

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Relevance of current income

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RichiegjonesRichiegjones Forumite
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Hi all.  I'm 61, in Wales and retired.  I have a child in final year at Uni. During recent years I've thought about getting a part time job, but decided not to,  as it may mess up student finance.  (Or maybe I'm just lazy) 
My question, having recently filled in all the student loan support stuff again, is : the information I have supplied this year was for year end April 2019, so no one is asking about 20/21, and thinking back, it's always historical. If I earn small amounts this year, is it relevant to student finance?   (This is last year of finance) 


  • poppy12345poppy12345 Forumite
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    That because this years income doesn't count. Only income from the previous year counts. It would be a little strange if this years income counted because we are not even half way through the year yet and no one can possibly see into the future and predict what they will earn.
  • JayRitchieJayRitchie Forumite
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    How much do you think your total income might be? It may be an non issue regardless of the year they assess..
  • russellmrrussellmr Forumite
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    hi, you can tell them to use this years income as an estimate (until end of FY) if it is more than 30% below older years when you worked.
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