Recycling for Good Causes - has anyone used them for fundraising?

Looking at using Recycling for Good Causes to help raise funds for a couple of local charities/rescues nearby.  Are they a good company to deal with?


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    Not sure of the company you have mentioned, but have used the last two companies in the past to raise fund for various charities in the past:
    For home users (although I don't print much)  I use the website although you need to create an account and it can take a little time, and 
    For business (because its larger volume) I use website hese guys allow you to print off the label directly from the website without having to register.
    All you do is attach it to the box the toner cartridge came in and hand it back to the Royal Mail as it is a freepost.
    This is ideal as I can print them at work directly from my computer and put it on the used cartridge. So simple. Love it :)
    Please share so that all these businesses that use the toner cartridges can helkp raise money for charity!
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