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Nursery fee

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kirsty1066kirsty1066 Forumite
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Hi. My nursery have charged me for days in the lockdown, when they were obviously shut. Can they do this ? 


  • sharpe106sharpe106 Forumite
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    what does the contract say? and had they not been in touch with you for all this time?
  • diggingdudediggingdude Forumite
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    be sure to question what taxpayer support they got during this period when speaking to them.  If this is only now becoming apparent they may have been claiming poverty knowing they had money coming
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  • MrsnMrsn Forumite
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    It seems odd they are just letting you know this now they’re are reopening.

    I would ask them for a breakdown as to what the money is for in the first instance. Many nurseries weren’t able to claim the full amount in the furlough scheme because of public funding from the government so whether they are trying to bridge the gap I don’t know.

    Are they asking for 100% or a portion?
  • unholyangelunholyangel Forumite
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    By the letter of the law, no - a trader can't charge you as agreed when they aren't providing the services as agreed.

    However, parents generally have more to consider when dealing with childcare providers than just the letter of the law. Are they a particularly good childcare provider? Are there other providers who provide the same quality of care for the same price? If not, then you may want to consider negotiating to find a middle ground. 
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