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Hi, the company I worked for went into administration on March 27th, four days before payday (monthly). I had no income from the end of Feb until my first universal credit payment in May. I received that and then, during May, I got a redundancy payment of £1500 which was less than half a months wage. I was then not given any universal credit payment in June. I asked for a review and was still knocked back as they said that I had earnings paid to me even though I had not worked since redundancy and it was part of the money that I was owed. Is this correct? If I had received a payment on the day I left then my universal credit would have not stopped from the time that I first applied for it. Can anyone help as I am going to need help with my rent this month and I am being told that they can do a thorough review but it can take up to thirty days. I have only just found another job but dont get paid until the 7th of the month. Thanks in advance


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    Universal credit is calculated on any income reported to HMRC during your monthly assessment period so if you received the £1500 wages you would get no payment of Uc on the payment date seven days after the end of your assessment period. You are correct by saying that if you had received a payment on the day you left and then applied for UC the day after, those wages would not be taken into consideration because your first UC assessment period starts on the day you make the online claim.
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