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Rats on the veg plot

We have had a problem for a while with holes in my no dig beds. I assume it is rats.  Looks about the size and we have rabbit fencing all around so its nothing bigger.  Anyway its getting worse and the little devils have eaten through the enviromesh that was draped over my strawberries and now I have massive holes in it with strawberry juice and bits all around the holes!!

So this is the final straw, how do I get rid.  I do use rat poison in other areas of our smallholding but I am aware that they usually go back to their den to die.  I can't bear the thought of dead poisoned rats under my veggies.   Has anyone had this issue and how should it be dealt with?

I was told by someone to get a feral cat which would be a possibility but doing research it sounds like they help keep numbers down but don't really solve the problem.  Also I read they too can carry weils disease from the rats which sounds worrying indeed.


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