So my daughter suddenly gets a text message 'reminding' her to buy a Freshers week wristband to get into nightclubs and events (including one with Ed Sheeran no less!! in Bath Spa!!) during her Freshers Week. Apparently, the message says, all cheap ones have already sold out (hmmm) and now the price goes up by £10 every week. Currently at £40 for a band. It is very much pushing to buy now or miss out. I had a few questions of course - so I emailed them as per the email address on their FB page. It bounced back! I was keen to know what the T&C are, and whether there is a refund if universities do not open or if any of the venues do not open for the events or - shock horror - if Ed Sheeran does not show up as advertised. I also asked for evidence that they had actually sold the wristbands at the lower price and where had that been previously advertised? 
Now it seems I cant reach them. Has anyone else come across this company before and had any interaction or answers from them? The company is called 18-25cityevents and they run soc med accounts in the name of the university (ie Bathspa freshers, Birmingham freshers etc) to make it look like a mandatory purchase. Seems very wrong to me - even more so that there are no available T&Cs, nothing about refunds and no email contact address. Yet universities allow them to operate???


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    A quick google found their website selling the wrist band
    on this page is a link to all the T&Cs  Section 5 covers wristbands.
    And there are contact details as well.

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    How's the drunken snogging and other antics going to take place in Freshers Week with Social Distancing?
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    Barny1979 said:
    How's the drunken snogging and other antics going to take place in Freshers Week with Social Distancing?
    The same way they have done so in previous years I suspect.
    In the words of the young, they will be so done with social distancing by then it won't even figure.
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