Redundancy, tax free childcare and maternity leave

I'm currently on maternity leave and was planning on going back to work in January next year. However, I'm potentially going to be made redundant. My eldest is at nursery 3 days a week, and I was entitled to 30 hours free childcare plus tax free childcare. These are both bad on me being in employment, and so when I'm made redundant will I lose my entitlement to these? I will be entitled to SMP up until September (cant remember exact date but that's when 39 weeks will end), and I would be paid the remainder of my SMP as a lump sum.
It feels a bit "unfair" (but then isn't life unfair sometimes), that I lose this entitlement as I would want to be on leave for the rest of the year, but obviously if that's how it is, then it'll be job hunting for me and less time with baby number 2. Just wanted to see if anyone has any experience on this though.
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