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I have recently had 2 BA bookings cancelled.1 booking was for a party of three travelling to Malaga,for a 2 week duration commencing 4 July.The other booking was for 1 person on the same outbound flight,but only for a 1 week duration.I contacted BA with no problem,and was advised that the bookings were cancelled,and the requested refunds would be issued.Having paid for both bookings by debit card,BA advised that the refund ammounts would have to refunded to the relevant card.My problem is that in the 6 months since booking/paying,I have used the bank swith service,and switched accounts from lloyds to HSBC.One refund has appeared in my new HSBC account as a refund,no problem there.The second (larger payment ) seems to have disapeared in to a black hole.Speaking to BA again they confirm that both refunds were processed.HSBC confirm (correctly) that 1 refund was recieved and paid into my new account.Now my interpretation is that payments or in this case a refund, made to my original account which is now closed,wouuld for a period of three years,be automaticaly redirected to the new account at HSBC,as seems to be the case the first refund.
Am I correct in this assumption,as speaking face to face in a local lloyds branch,the teller implied that I was speaking double dutch,and in his 25 years service had never heard of the like.
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