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My neighbours new drive causing flooding in garage.

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Hi all,
I'm looking for advise onto what we can do. My neighbours have built up a new drive at the end of their property, installed March 2020, so up until yesterday its been pretty dry! However, they have built it out of cement, paving slabs, edging curbs, plastic and gravel. Which is fine BUT it's a foot higher then all the ground surrounding either side.  The ground used to be level and just a build up of weeds on a gravel base.
Any rain water used to seep into their ground and also slightly to ours (never flooding either, just a puddle in our lowest part of driveway) is now completely pushed into our, now much lower, driveway and garage. We had about an inch- inch and half covering our whole place and pretty certain its because of their new drive that this is happening, its raised up from the road and all higher then ours it all gets pushed onto our property. They've not put any drainage in. As they are new, they are thinking it's us making a big fuss and they are saying it's just been because it was heavy rain - we've been in our property for 3 years next month with nothing like this happening before.

There's no room for us to put drainage down between the garage and their new drive as they've built right up close (what little room they left they've left has got rubbish in it that we cant get out). What can we do? I fear now our garage will flood every time we have a proper amount of rain and I'll have to spend an hour sweeping it all out.



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    Hi all,
    So since I've posted this our garage has flooded twice more (today only about an inch of water fell and we had half the garage flooded). We've drilled holes in our driveway to try and aid but really not sure what else we can do. I've spoken to the neighbours and made it clear that we have flooded twice - I haven't spoken to them about today as we haven't seen them yet. They seem to think it's a lot of water falling (used to indian monsoons) and it's only flooding when torrential but today has proven otherwise! Any help?
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