Two Claims in samehousehold ?

Hi my Husband claims ESA and in support group , Can my Daughter claim ESA as well she gets PIP and she is 21 and is at university so could only claim it during non term time but im worried that it will effect her Dads ESA claim and housing benefit . thank you 


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    She is an entirely separate benefit unit from you, her parents, so if she is eligible to claim ESA then she would be able to. I don't know anything about ESA and students or the circumstances in which a claim for income-based would still be possible. If she's not eligible for ESA then she'll have to look (very carefully) into claiming UC. 
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    New claims for Income related ESA are no longer possible unless your daughter claims a severe disability premium in another benefit and it's very unlikely because she only claims PIP at the moment.
    New style ESA can be claimed but for this she will need to have paid the correct amount of NI contributions in tax years April 2017 to March 2019.
    If she hasn't then it will be Universal Credit. Any student maintenance loans she receives will be classed as income and reduce the amount of UC she's entitled to. Whether her student loan will wipe out any UC i do not know. She will need a fit note from her GP to be able to claim UC.
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