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PVR'd but was released on RAF Redundancy - Tranche 3

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PVR'd but was released on RAF Redundancy - Tranche 3

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OK, this is going back a while. I PVRd in 2007 after being unsuccessful with the Royal Air Force Redundancy Scheme - Tranche 3 application. Going through my old Discharge paperwork I have found a form that states I was released under the Royal Air Force Redundancy - Tranche 3 conditions. The title paragraph  'Type of Assessment' is called 'Redundancy Forecast Immediate Benefit'. The whole form describes the financial assessment of payments and dates being paid for the termination of Service.

Under the 'Redundancy Benefit Assessment' table, there is a payment defined as 'Special Capital Payment', this payment has been lined through and such payment was not made. All other payments in the assessment were paid on the stated date.

My question is this. Am I due the Special Capital Payment, having been released under Tranche 3 conditions?

The footer of the form states 'RAF Redundancy Tranche 3 - Control No. 6304 - Version 6 15 Apr 06'


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    I remember the redundancies happening back then, and oh boy some people were getting big payouts if they were close to the leaving the service.

    Perhaps instead of a PVR, you have been processed as a "Volunteer for Redundancy" and hence the extra large lump sum was not paid? This may explain why it was lined out on the form..

    Sadly not many RAF personnel will visit these places, so i would recommend either posting on PPRUNE within the Military Aviation section, or within E-GOAT. Both can be found from google.



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