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Jennings392Jennings392 Forumite
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For two days now I  have been trying to contact currys yesterday from 9:30 I was on the phone for over two hours waiting a woman answerd and asked how she could help me I told her that my tv has an intermittent falt where it will just go off and I have to unplugging it for a while to get it to come back on she asked when did I buy the tv and I told her on the 17/06/2019 she then said I'm putting you through to the relevent department I held on for just over another hour and got disconnected I have been trying off and on since then. It's my main tv and dont know what to do to be honest.


  • JJ_EganJJ_Egan Forumite
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    Phone again is all you can do .
    What are you trying to claim repairs under ??
    A paid for insurance/ warranty .
    A manufacturers warranty  or Consumer Rights .
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