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A Wedding in September?

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Hi All, 
We have an invite to a wedding in September, it's indoor and will be for 100 people. No social distancing. The event is at an hotel in the North of England. Originally we were told it was cancelled, however, other the past few weeks the groom to be has said it's business as usual for September. Is this in any way realistic in the current climate? 


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    I, too, would like to know as we have been invited to a wedding in September that was postponed from June.

    I suspect the fact the hotel changed the date to then indicates they are at least hopeful.
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    Hi I have moved your thread to the Weddings board for more responses.
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    Who knows what the 'current climate' will be in 3 months time?
    3 months ago, pubs and restaurants weren't shut and lockdown hadn't been announced and hundreds of thousands of people were looking forward to their holidays.
    There is talk of reviewing the 2 metre distancing rule soon and there is time for that to be reviewed again before either of the weddings.
    There is also time for the second wave to hit and things to be back as they were 2 months ago.

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