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Shower temperature

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I think the thermostat has broken. it is fed from a boiler - it has a col pipe and a hot pipe fed directly from the boiler.  I'm a bit useless - I just wondered if this is a mixer shower, and is replacing it a DIY?


  • macmanmacman Forumite
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    Make and model? So it's fed from a combi boiler?
    Temp too hot, too cold, varying? Give us some proper info to work with.
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    Replacing the shower or part of it? Yes, you can DIY, but this depends on your skills.
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    Combi boiler?

    Can you post a picture of the shower controls? It sounds like it probably is a thermostatic mixer shower in which case you may be able to replace the cartridge in it. If it's not and just a straight forward mixer tap with shower attachment then that's an issue with your boiler and the rate of water coming out of the hot an cold taps.

    Also it would help if you actually explained the problem, your post title "shower temperature" doesn't really tell us much.
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