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Petplan Cat Insurance Covered For Life

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JennyLMJennyLM Forumite
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My seven-year-old cat, Pudding, has been covered under Petplan's Covered For Life policy since I got her five years ago as a rescue. She's had dental work done (which wasn't covered), but nothing else, and I've never made a claim on the policy. Three weeks ago I fostered another rescue cat, and it soon became very clear that Basil, as I've called him, wasn't going anywhere anytime soon! Last week I started adding Basil to the insurance, and noticed that his quote was substantially cheaper than the £23.09 a month I was paying for Puds. Out of curiosity, I put Puds' details into the online system, and sure enough the internet quote came up as £15 a month. I therefore rang to cancel Pudding's existing policy, as she has no pre-existing conditions other than the previous dental work (which I of course disclosed), and signed them both up online for new Covered For Life policies at around £15 a month each. 

Bad decision. Sure enough, five days into the policy, Pudding (for the first time ever, as you might imagine given her name), is off her food, has a touch of diarrhoea and seems a little lethargic. I don't think it's to do with Basil's arrival as the two are fast friends, and she's been eating and behaving as normal until lunchtime today. I want to take her to the vet but cover for illness doesn't start until 14 days into the new policy, which is 9 days away. Does anyone know if there is anyway I can uncancel the old policy? I have already paid the direct debit for this month and am not sure if the cancellation has already taken effect or not, but am worried if I ring they'll know I want to take her to the vet. I'm hoping she'll be better in the morning but if not does anyone have any advice of how best to proceed without potentially making myself liable for a fortune in vet bills? Of course after five years of perfect health she'd choose now to get ill, eek. 


  • Elizabeth_BElizabeth_B Forumite
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    which cat food is good for diarrhoea?
  • donnac2558donnac2558 Forumite
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    too late to un cancel the old policy I will say.

    Feed cooked chicken and perhaps if they will eat it boiled rice there is no such food for diarrhoea.  Plenty of water as well.
  • sherambersheramber Forumite
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    You have discovered the drawback of changing policies.
     You could  overlap policies so you are covered by the old one until the new one kicks in and can then cancel the old one if you have not needed to claim. If you do need to claim on it you would need to cancel the new one and stay with the old one.
    You cannot do that if you are using a new online quote for the same company  as it will show you are already covered.
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