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Neighbour’s noisy dogs

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  • TomFordTomFord Forumite
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    There is nothing worse than noisy dogs. I do know there are some good soundproofed kennels out there as my friend bought one recently and he said the difference was amazing!
  • sherambersheramber Forumite
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    The OP hasn't been back to this thread since 2 June .  
  • bestfootiebestfootie Forumite
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    I've got the same thing. Just moved into a place and constant barking from dogs.
    Problem is, it's hard to tell which property. I think I know which one it is. There's some kennel-type structure in the garden. But it's 11.30pm and the barking is still going on. I've had dreams of dogs barking. I am sensitive to noise anyway and so everytime the f***ing dog barks I'm triggered. 
    I've had dogs before and I'd always try to get them quiet. I'd be embarrassed! I'd walk them and give them exercise. 
    I'm sorry but even though I'm new and my housemate hasn't said anything previously, I'm not sure how long I'm going to be able to not say anything. I'd like to open a channel of polite communication to see if there's anything I can do. Do they need walking? (I actually don't mind helping if it's practical). Could they soundproof the kennel? 
    Either way, it's not fair that humans who are paying money to own or rent property are having the quiet enjoyment of the same ruined by barking animals that the owners or custodians cannot control or look after.
    Human rights trump noisy dog rights and frankly I'm getting really quite angry. 

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