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Hi does anyone know if a trampoline is eligible for vat exemption, where I am buying from doesn’t seem to think so, they have looking into it and the VAT relief is not applicable to these items, as they are not designed or adapted for disabled use, personal or domestic. I’m sure I’ve bought a trampoline previously with vat relief. The one we are looking at is flush fitting in the ground, so needs work to put it in, which I can do to save him money. However although it’s not specific to disability, it’s more expensive due to it not being on legs, so no need to climb on, which is great for his mobility issues. He will also bounce from sitting, he’s had no exercise since being in lockdown/isolation so thought it might be useful, however £50 of it is vat. If we have to pay it we will but I’m just trying to save where possible as social services are quite finicky where money goes and how much should be spent on what! 
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    If we have to pay it we will but I’m just trying to save where possible as social services are quite finicky where money goes and how much should be spent on what! 

    I fail to see why social services would even be involved unless you funding this from money they have provided, for example, in lieu of providing short breaks. However if they are indeed involved then their Finance team (who would have processed the payment) might be best placed to advise on this question.

    The only experience I have is of buying disability-specific items from specialist suppliers, they generally provide a form to complete regarding the VAT exemption.

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    Every penny of his pip award has to be accounted for, he’s only allowed £20 per month to spen on clothes and stuff.
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    I'm not sure why "every penny" of his PIP award has to be accounted for ??
    As for the VAT exemption I think the answer to that would be no.
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    Highly unlikely that you would be able to claim this.
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    what does he usually do for exercise? I cant see a trampoline ever being VAT exempt
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    What HMRC means by ‘designed solely for disabled people’

    This means that the original intention of the product’s designer was to produce an appliance or equipment solely to meet the needs of people with one or more disability.

    You cannot buy goods that are designed for use by disabled and non-disabled people alike VAT-free. Goods that are bought to be used by or that are mainly bought by disabled people cannot be bought without VAT unless they’re designed solely for use by disabled people.

    For example, general purpose equipment such as an air conditioning device, a reclining chair or an orthopaedic bed might benefit a disabled person but cannot be bought VAT-free because they’re not designed solely for use by a disabled person.

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