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Can’t find policy’s

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My father died in July , all his paperwork was ‘stolen’ out of his friends car. I can’t find his pension or policy’s and he was collecting royalties as my grandfather invented something ? But I can’t find the company’s that hold his money. 
Please help 


  • DoxDox Forumite
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    What was 'all his paperwork' doing in one place? Doesn't sound very convincing. I'd have another word with his 'friend'.

    Is there a will and do you know where it is? If you know where he banked, get copies of bank statements and they should show you who was paying him what.
  • xylophonexylophone Forumite
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    There was no will?
    Your father was unmarried at the time of his death?
    You are his only child?
    You have been able to access his home?
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  • vikkilouvikkilou Forumite
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    Unfortunately I have moved to Devon and my dad passed away with out me knowing . 
    Nobody could find me or so they said, he wasn’t ill and had a heart attack leaving no will. 
    They had a funeral without me and cleared out my dads flat ( he rented ) 

    my dad told his family he wanted me to benefit financially from his policy’s , but I can’t find them as they were supposedly stiffen from his friends car
  • lisyloolisyloo Forumite
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    Doesn’t sound plausible unless you’ve deliberately blocked contacts on your phone, email and even then they could have sent you a letter.
    doesnt sound feasible that someone would put all their paperwork in a car (unless both him and his friend had dimensions).
    bank statement may help.
    did he have a will?
    did he have a partner?
    are there other children?
    who has been arranging the funeral and taking the possessions?
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