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Conveyancing delays

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nevasgnevasg Forumite
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Are delays in conveyancing process regulated by anybody? By saying "delays" I mean delays of over 12 months. Both sides' solicitors blame each other and the third party (this is leasehold property).


  • davidmcndavidmcn Forumite
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    More info needed. You can complain about your solicitor, if you think they've actually done something wrong. If the other parties aren't playing ball there's not much you can do.
  • steampoweredsteampowered Forumite
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    Impossible to say without knowing what the reason is for the delay.

    The conveyancers won't be able to proceed with conveyancing if they haven't been given the necessary documents by the buyer or the seller, or by a third party.
  • greatcrestedgreatcrested Forumite
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    nevasg said:
    Are delays in conveyancing process regulated by anybody?

    Not speciically no. But solicitors (and licenced conveyancers) are bound by their professional standards generally and clients can make formal complaints.
    In the first instance, you follow the firm's published complaints procedure. If that fails to satisfy, you escalate to the relevant professional body eg for soliciors the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)
    And you can only complain about your own conveyancer, not the other party's.

    If I include a blue link in my post, click and read it before posting a follow-up question. The answer may be in the link.

  • iampetesmithiampetesmith Forumite
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    Not sure what the delay is, but 12 months a bit long. The only ones really that could take that long are probate sales, so have you been told where exactly the delay is?

    If it's your solicitor that's holding it all up, then you can put a formal complaint in. If it's one of the other solicitors, you can't really do a lot except either wait it out or walk away.

    We had a big delay at the end of our purchase, we were all ready to exchange except the one at the top of the chain. It was someone's name that needed to be removed from the title, the Land Registry took ages to do it and we were all stuck. After 2 months of stalling, we started looking at other houses and told the estate agent. I said that if it goes on much longer, we'll have to find somewhere else and pull out as I really couldn't see an end to it. A week or two later, the issue was resolved and we all exchanged.
  • jumperabv3jumperabv3 Forumite
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    How often were you in touch with your solicitors? I'm in touch with mine on a weekly basis - I would have never gone into any transaction taking 12+ months except for buying a new development which requires construction that takes over 12 months etc.

  • GDB2222GDB2222 Forumite
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    It is possible that the freeholder is not playing ball. Perhaps they never will. 

    I must say that you have been remarkably patient. I’d have walked away long ago.
    No reliance should be placed on the above! Absolutely none, do you hear?
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