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Speeding roadside FPN issued with missing information

I was stopped by two police officers during lockdown on a public road in Scotland during the covid lockdown while I was driving. I was questioned on my reasons for being out of the house before being asked to produce my driving licence which I did. I was then told I was speeding and given an on the spot Fixed Penalty Notice printed ticket for £100 fine and 3 points and sent on my way.

Later that day, when I got home, I looked at the FPN that I was issued and I believe it's been filled out incorrectly by the issuing officers as the aledged recorded speed is omitted from the ticket, "Driving at ... mph in a 30 mph speed limit (BUA)". The FPN noticed was produced using an iPhone or similar mobile device and printed at the road side.

I am posting here looking for advice on if you think this ticket is enforceable? Am I able to request further information and/or evidence from the police before making a decision on whether to accept the FPN or not? As it looks like the issuing officer missed filling out a box on the iPhone app when generating the ticket, is it likely the police will have other evidence of the recorded speed? (For example, does the radar gun used keep a history of captured speed?)

In an ideal situation, I don't want to go to court nor pay the legal fees of a solicitor for a £100 fine, but I feel accepting the FPN in its current incorrect state is unfair. I similar would like to see the evidence, if any, of the alleged recorded speed showing that I was travelling at greater than 30 mph.

I have attached the FPN issued with missing information.



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