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Been lumbered with unexpected "vets bill"

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Cari9Cari9 Forumite
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Hi all,

I recently emailed around local vets trying to find an appropriate vet to treat my animal for a mammary tumour during the covid 19 outbreak

I had one vets phone me back and they were most unhelpful, basically told me they would not do anything to help due to the outbreak. The animal needed a straightforward (small fancy rat) mammary tumor removal and spaying which is often done at most vets. I was offered "pallative care" so a heavy dose of painkillers for the animal when it wasnt needed and told to put the animal to sleep when it got worse.

I wasnt happy with this and told this vet i would be seeking medical treatment elsewhere. 

I sucessfully brought my animal in to another local vets that not only removed the rats tumor and spayed, they were outstanding. My rodent has recovered well.

I have just been phoned up by the first vets, asking me to pay "for a consultation" (???) 
Which i find very cheeky - which all considering no genuine medical advice was given, it was waffling mostly i was not happy with, they tried to sell me a biopsy for £100 that wasn't needed. They didn't give a damn lets just say about treating or caring for my animal appropriately during the covid 19 outbreak. Just a straight forward put to sleep because they found it convenient during these times.
It should have been straightforward to treat. 

I did not realise it was a consultation - they rang me and i told them I'd look elsewhere, sorry!
I am also, due to aggressive ms, on benefits its not a situation i ever wanted understandably, and just shelled out over £215 for my pets treatment already.
Do i have to pay this fee??

They have my address, but i found this  request as i say really cheeky

Many thanks for reading


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    KxMxKxMx Forumite
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    It does sound like a consultation as you spoke to the Vet direct. Most Vets now only see animals in person in urgent cases and the rest of consulting is being done by phone. 
    It should have been made clear to you what was happening, if you feel it wasn't then write to the practice manager and dispute the charge. 
  • _shel_shel Forumite
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     I wouldn't pay it, they didn't treat your pet and you were not Informed it was a consultation 
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  • KimBaumgartKimBaumgart Forumite
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    What a rip off! I wouldn't pay it either. It was not even a proper clinical examination!
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