Fake HMRC Phone Calls. 👿

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This telephone number 01223 613900 

Is sending out voicemails purporting to be from HMRC and IT IS NOT THEM.

They will ask you to call the above number immediately or you will be contacted by their solicitors …. blah, blah, blah...….

The message ends with "take care" 🤣🤣🤣🤣 

 Yeah, right 🙄👿

Whilst so many are anxious about HMRC grants being accessed, these criminals could be fooling the unsuspecting, so make a note of that number.
First, take responsibility .....


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    This is only going to get worse with scammers pretending to be NHS Track & Trace people; They'll call up potential victims to say they need their email address to send them a form to complete to confirm self-isolation. This form will then either take them to a fake website where additional info is needed to confirm the identity of the person (so leading to ID fraud), or it'll be the payload to infect the PC with malware/spyware/keylogger.
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    I received one on my mobile a few days ago. 01332 (Derby code) and even came up as Derby on the screen. "You owe HMRC underpaid income tax, press 1 to speak to an advisor." I didn't feel like a baiting session so just hung up.
    Sadly many people are still unaware of these scams and will be taken in by them!

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    Just to add :
    No point in taking note of the number as these are just disposable voip numbers and can be changed at the drop of a hat.
    Its almost a certainty that these fools are not even in the UK

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    These scams rely on shock and awe -- when you actually sit back and think about it, how did HMRC get my mobile number ?
    with all of these emails/texts etc - NEVER reply immediately, take 10,20 or 30 minutes to digest and think about the content, spelling, origination of it and more often than not, you will just delete
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