Redundancy while on maternity - consultation prior to maternity.

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Hoping someone can help, I've read the rules/laws around redunancy while pregnant and also while on maternaty, but our situation is a bit different

  • Our baby is due on 30th July
  • My wife is due to take maternity leave on this date, or sooner if the baby is here sooner
  • She has a month of annual leave booked from 30th June with a view to using this month and then going straight onto maternity leave

She has been made aware that she is at risk of redudancy, with the consultation peroid running from 30th June to 14th August, with a decision being made shortly after. This is the exact date her annual leave begins, and up to 4 week before she leaves for maternity.

Now, if she was to be made redundant, this would obviously be while she was on maternity. Does the fact the consultation date beings prior to her going on redundancy have any impact?

We were under the impression she was considered protected from redudancy while on maternity, but I don't know if the process beginning before she goes on maternity trumps that?

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