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BraddenBradden Forumite
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I've currently got few domains through  .com and .info .. but the renewal costs have doubled to nearly £50/year.

All I use it for is a website redirect to WIX and multiple email accounts for different family members - ideally using IMAP.
I know a lot of hosts offer deals for the 1st year but then ramp renewal.
Are there any cheaper hosts you can recommend



  • forgotmynameforgotmyname Forumite
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    Usually not the ones that people recommend.  Asking which host generally gets a load of spam. In 5 or 10 years someone will post an
    answer to your question. Them just starting that business will be merely coincidental.

    Plus we have no clue what you get for that money or require.  For around £50 I get to host 10 websites with unlimited traffic and 200
    email accounts.

    Censorship Reigns Supreme in Troll City...

  • BraddenBradden Forumite
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    Thanks... the £50 cost is for a single domain. I redirect to a site done on WIX and have about 10 email accounts..  I think you get better value for money than I do :-)

    All I need is multiple email accounts - preferably IMAP and the ability to redirect the domain to WIX.

  • rach_krach_k Forumite
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    I use for cheap email hosting and redirects.  I buy my domains separately.

    It works perfectly fine for personal use.  I have noticed that, probably due to it being cheap so good for spammers, every now and then the IP for my (shared) email server gets blacklisted.  I have set up a monitor at which lets me know when that happens.  Then I just submit a support ticket and the host resolves it, usually within an hour.  I'd say that probably happens 3 times a year so it depends how much hassle you will tolerate to save money!
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