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Now Broadband - Changeover has come and gone. No internet connection. No telephone line. No help.

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Now Broadband - Changeover has come and gone. No internet connection. No telephone line. No help.

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mclarke167mclarke167 Forumite
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I work in mental health and have been using the internet as a way of keeping services (routine and crisis support) going in this tough time.

One problem with using the internet for so much is that it needs to have enough bandwidth for several things at once! So we decided it was time to upgrade the internet. We went onto a popular Meerkat-fronted comparison site and settled on NowTV Broadband. They set a date of 21st May for a switch over.

We realised that, in for a penny in for a pound, it would make sense to upgrade to their super fast broadband. So we called on 15th May, a week after signing up, to ask if we could upgrade to an even faster package. We were told to ring back after the connection went live, to make the change.

The day of the connection change came and went with no switchover. The following morning we called again, to see what was happening. We were informed that it was being dealt with, that the change would happen in the next few hours. We were assured that our current connection wouldn’t be switched until after the new connection was ready.

A few hours later the internet and telephone lines cut out. We installed the new NowTV box and nothing happened.

We called back and were told that there was a problem. We were given no details on when it would be resolved, or what the actual issue was. We were told a manager would call us back at some point. The customer service agent couldn’t say when, simply gave a date 3 days later by which she ‘hoped’ a manager would be able to call us. They said the problem was showing as flagged on their system as being explained to us on 15th May. When asked if they could review the recordings of that call, they said they would not and refused to give them to us but admitted they existed.

We then called our previous provider and asked if there were any problems with them or with Openreach (the vague reasons for the problem we were given). An engineer assured us that there was and should be no problem.

No other contact from NowTV was received. No internet connection came online.

This morning we have called twice and both times have been given different information, which doesn’t match. We have been told that we will be called back multiple times, no calls have been forthcoming. They have refused to confirm these issues. When asked for information on how to check the fault with Openreach we were told to google the number and when it was explained that not having internet made this more difficult and asked for the number we were told that due to GDPR we could not be given a number, despite it being in the public domain.

We asked to make a formal complaint. We were told to go online.

Times are tough and they are obviously working under strain. Technical difficulties happen. The tone and support from NowTV has made it impossible to feel reassured that I will be able to work effectively. They indicate it could be up to 10 days before the fault is corrected. This is despite the two week period between signing up and the connection coming online. It has also been over a week since they claim (erroneously) we were informed.

Looking on NowTV’s own forums reveals that this exact issue has happened countless times before. Each time they have blamed other companies but been ultimately responsible. On occasions it has taken them more than 16 days to resolve the issue.

In the meantime, we are stuck with no broadband, no telephone line, and no clue when we will be able to even know when work can resume.

They have now said that they would escalate the problem to 'Tier 2' and call us within 72 hours. It has been over 100 hours since then. Still not a single call or email. No apology.

I’m not on the frontline but I value my work and I want to look after my clients. In these times isn’t fulfilling internet contracts, or at least being prompt and active in resolving issues, a basic moral duty?

Does anyone know of any way to contact NowTV's managing director (an email address or anything similar)? I know that this is a difficult time for companies, but they have been extraordinarily unhelpful and we really are struggling to do any work on just 4G!


  • Croft12Croft12 Forumite
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    Depending on how good their PR team is using twitter to make a fuss can be effective...
  • SIMS1910SIMS1910 Forumite
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    Did you ever get a response on this?  We have an incredibly similar situation.  Moved into new house on 17 June, but arranged with NOW TV for broadband and phone on 14 June.  First date it could be ‘installed’ was 29 June.  Engineer arrived to install it, but said that unfortunately, the existing phone line had now been ‘allocated’ to another property and that a different engineer would need to go down a manhole and allocate a new line to us.  He said it would be quick, perhaps even by the end of the day. Phonecall later that day to NowTV, who told us to plug in the box/phone line and we would be up and running by midnight. Text later that day to say an engineer would install next day.  Another text to say that the installation had been delayed until 1 July 8-1.  We waited in for the engineer…. and waited... No engineer from Openreach arrived.  No calls from NowTV or BT Openreach to explain.  We called NowTV again who were clueless and said it was a BT Openreach problem and that tier 2 had been notified of our complaint.  Called again and were told someone would be in touch within 72 hours.  Nobody from Now TV have yet called us.  We have called them every day and now been told that they ‘hope’ that BT open reach will be in touch with us by the 10 July.  Email from NowTV saying they would call and when would be best.  We said NOW!  Nobody called us.  Called again to hear the same old thing.  Complained on their website.  Emailed Ofcom.  Myself and husband work from home and  with only 4g connection hotspots from our mobiles intermittently.   Has anyone had any luck getting a proper response from Now TV?  We just want someone to actually tell us what is happening and when we are going to be connected.
  • JJ_EganJJ_Egan Forumite
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    Work from home then you need a business service with service level agreements .
  • Rosa_DamascenaRosa_Damascena Forumite
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    JJ_Egan said:
    Work from home then you need a business service with service level agreements .
    Post-lockdown and with so many of us still not back in office settings I think this is for the birds. The PM told us to work from home to contain the virus and that is exactly what we are doing - and that includes the NHS, where we can take digital consultations!!

    Was considering switching to Now Broadband but this thread rings out clear alarm bells.
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