Bike sold with lower priced sticker?

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I think there was a thread on MSE forum about this but I could not find it(somebody else my locate it) where the person bought a bike and it arrived with a lower priced sticker on the box than the price the person paid for the bike.


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    Nothing illegal happened. (I don't even need to read the link to know this).
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    If the situation was reversed, I wonder if the Sun would have printed the following:

    Marie Gregory ordered a £250 Muddy Fox model — but when it arrived she found a huge sticker on the box showing £350. She is now trying to contact House of Fraser in order to ascertain how to send them the extra £100 that she was apparently undercharged by. 

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    I'm surprised she bought anything from a Mike Ashley company.......all he sells is cheap tat
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    I wouldn't lower myself to click on ANY link from The Sun newspaper... :(
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    The only 2 things I would believe in the Sun are the date and the horoscope.
    And I would check the date with another source (only kidding about the horoscope)
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