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Dog Boarding

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covid1956covid1956 Forumite
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I have plenty of time on my hands and wanted to register with a company so i could look after dogs (in my own home) while the owners were on holiday, at work. in hospital. But not sure of the rules and regs, I have seen a company called but there are no reviews from the uk, apart from are there any others with a good reputation, i suppose i could advertise on Facebook!!!
Suggestions please, will probably have to wait till things get back to normal, also i do not see this as an opportunity to make money just something to fill my time in since we lost our dog a few years ago


  • KxMxKxMx Forumite
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    Not the same but try
    Puts owners and borrowers in touch.
    Some owners are looking for regular walks, others someone to look after the dog while they are away. 

    You could also look at pet sitting companies. 
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    elsienelsien Forumite
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    You need to be licenced,  even if you're looking after dogs in your own home. I would check out the requirements first.
    There is specific guidance related to home boarding as opposed to kennels.
    The home boarding company I used to use for my dog was Animals at Home. But I was not one of their dog sitters so can't comment on that aspect of it. I suspect it very much depends on the quality of the franchisee you would be working under. 
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    A Google search for 'home boarding UK'  will bring up several hits. 
    There is also the Dog's Trust Freedom Project for those fleeing domestic violence. You will not be paid for this.
  • KxMxKxMx Forumite
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    Have you thought about fostering? 

    I tried fostering kittens but all local and not so local organisations won't even consider me as I don't have a spare room and a car. Both are required here it seems for cats and dogs. 
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    oystercatcheroystercatcher Forumite
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    Lots of rescues are looking for dog fosterers. I fostered for a while but we 'failed' and fell in love with one of the dogs and adopted him. He was a darling! You would be especially useful if you don't have your own pet as there are many dogs in foster who don't get on with other animals and need to be fostered on their own which can be difficult as most dog foserers are animal mad and have their own pets too.
    Regarding boarding you may need permission from the local council as there can be problems with noise and extra traffic with drop off /pick up etc. There are rules about disposing of the 'waste' too as it becomes commercial waste and can't be disposed of in household waste or flushed down the drains!  Also insurance is important! Keep on reading around. 
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