How to make a TV non smart?

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We are having constant internet issues. Due to this the TV will not even turn on until I reset the router. 
Is it possible to make the TV non smart so it doesn't search (without finding) an internet channel before it turns on.


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    You don't.
    If the TV is connected via cable, just unplug the network cable.  If its wireless, either tell the TV to "forget" about the wireless connection, or change the wireless key on the router.
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    its wireless I will look in the settings to try to tell it to 'forget' thanks.
    Edit - found it, thank you
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    If it might be the wifi signal then you could try connecting it via ethernet cable. Likely a long run and if so you can use a couple of power plugs, one near the TV and the other near the router, to cover the distance
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