Tax Reclaim On PPI

Hi Martin
I have seen the information on your sure about PPI tax reclaim, back in 2017/2018 tax year, we had approx £17K reclaim on PPI. I have written to the lenders to get a copy of the calculations for the reclaim, is this all I will need to complete the HRMC form? Roughly how much refund would we be due? We are both basic rate taxpayers 
Many thanks 
Caroline Edwards 


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    You need to complete Form R40 from HMRC which is a simple tax return requiring you to enter the details of the tax you paid on the interest element of your PPI refund (not the total  PPI refund amount) as well as any other tax you paid elsewhere during the tax year in question. 
    How much you are "due" (if anything) will depend on your individual tax position and any other interest you earned elsewhere. 

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    Roughly how much refund would we be due? 

    If the payment was in joint names then it's highly likely to be between £0 and £200.  The exact amount is likely to spend on what other interest you received in that tax year.

    It could be more but as basic rate payers chances are it won't be.

    If the interest takes you into the higher rate bracket you may owe additional tax to HMRC rather than getting a refund.

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