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Greenhouse - Growing Tomato's and Cucumbers

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Greenhouse - Growing Tomato's and Cucumbers

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I was planning on growing my cucumbers and tomatoes in my 8x6 greenhouse ... but have read that these should never be planted together ... 
Is this right?  They will be in large buckets?


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    jackieblackjackieblack Forumite
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    My dad has been growing tomatoes and cucumbers in the same greenhouse (using growbags) for over 40 years with no problems at all, my grandad always did it too.
    Always have far more than they can use and end up giving most of them away.
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    DavesnaveDavesnave Forumite
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    They don't get on well, being from different families, but if you keep them 0.3m socially distanced and facing away from each other, you should be OK.
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  • lozzy81lozzy81 Forumite
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    Awe!! I just put my tomatoes and cucumbers in the same grow bag!!! Oops.... I thought they would be fine together! Will see how they go a d remember for next year to keep them separated 
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  • -taff-taff Forumite
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    They'll be fine. Cucumbers like a more humid atmosphere than tomatoes do, tomatoes may get blight or leaf mould [more common] if the air inside the greenhouse is more humid.But they'll be fine gorwing together.
    If you do have them in the same growbag, I'd just keep and eye on what the tendrils are gripping onto, make sure it's not a part of the tomato plant you want to lose.
  • LessImpecuniousLessImpecunious Forumite
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    I put my cucumbers at the back of the greenhouse and fill up their trays or splash water around for humidity (they're in pots) on hot days; and have tomatoes towards the front where there's more air circulation from the door...

  • Coveredinbees!!!!Coveredinbees!!!! Forumite
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    I've been growing both in the same green house for a few years with no problem. The only thing you need to be aware of is cucumbers need a lot of water, mine are on hoselock growbag waterers and will empty the whole lot in 2days.
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