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How long is needed to be a new cardholder with Santander?

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How long is needed to be a new cardholder with Santander?

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I would like to take out a 0% card with Santander, which you can only get if "You don’t have another Santander balance transfer card". I had one previously which I paid off before the 0% ended but forgot to close down. It has been fully (I hope) closed today and no longer shows on my online banking screen. Does anyone know how long I should wait before trying to take out a new balance transfer card with Santander? Technically I don't have another santander card as per their wording but I don't want to rush and get rejected because of the need to wait x amount of time.


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    Temptation got the better of me so I went back to the Santander website. Looking at the cards without logging in allowed me to check eligibility (I couldn't see this option from my online banking links) which I passed. I put in an application the day after closing the account, which has been approved. Maybe the same day as closing would have worked, maybe not, might test that out in about 18months...
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