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pay day loans Wage Day Advance

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I received an e mail  out of the blue from Howard Smith and Boyle administratators for Wage day Advance. which has gone into administration. Had not used this lot for 7 years. They asked me to fill a form out as they said they might owe me £2700. Got another e mail back yesterday telling me that they were offering 5p in the pound on this and a credit for  £157.93 would be in bank account within 7 days. never expected to hear from this crowd again so anything is better than nothing. When this bankruptcy happened I thought Quick Quid will be next and sure enough it happened and all the nice tv ads disappeared. Anybody with this lot will probable go the same way. To be fair Wage Day Advance said I would only get part of the money they owed me. Hope this helps anyone in the same boat.


  • peteukpeteuk Forumite
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    I had a similar email some time ago and so have been more engaged with the process.  I was due over £2000 but I have received today £160+  which was better than nothing I suppose.    My next payout is with The Money Shop... Wonga had already sorted my loans out before it went bust, might look at Uncle Buck!  Whats the worst they can say?  No...
    Proud to be dealing with our debts
    Starting debt 2005 £63.7K. Current debt £3K and decreasing. Debt free at some point in 2018:o
    :pHoping to be debt free ASAP!:p
  • bigspectrebigspectre Forumite
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    It was Wageday advance administrators who invited me to fill out out a form which they sent me. If they had not done this I would have been none the wiser. Should never have been in the payday loan trap and have not been in it for 7 years. Quick Quid sent me an application form every month for a number of years after I my last loan inviting me to apply with "SPECIAL" rate of interest
    i have tried the resolver route with Quick Quid to see if they might part with some money but dont expect anything.
  • bigspectrebigspectre Forumite
    28 posts
    Part of the Furniture 10 Posts Combo Breaker PPI Party Pooper
    checked money was in account to-day all ok
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