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Enamel Pins

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lolacherrylolacherry Forumite
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Sorry if this is the wrong forum - just thought crafting because there is some design in it.

has anyone ever used a supplier to design their own custom pins before?
im trying to see if I can find a reasonable supplier - I’m actually fine for the cost as it is extremely reasonable for 100pins for £170+ and shipping from a US supplier but I don’t need 100 and as soon as you go under 100, the value doubled 😩

I was hoping for a quantity of around 50 for my club but it’s now quoting £233 for 50 for the same design

just seeing if there might be any recommendations to check out before I order 100

thanks :)


  • lika_86lika_86 Forumite
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    Can't speak for the quality and quite lengthy turnaround times, but maybe Awesome Merchandise? Price depends on how big and how many but seems to be under what you're getting quoted if you only want something small.
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